27 December 2008

Scared straight? L'viv uses a dark memory to fight 'zaitsiv'

Over a year ago, the municipal administration of Donets'k used an image of Stalin on city billboards to frighten citizens into paying their utility bills. The ad campaign was shortlived.

Now L'viv is mobilizing history to scare citizens straight.  On flyers produced and distributed by the city's transport authority (seen at left), 'zaitsi' or fare-evaders on busses and trams are being likened to Bohdan Stashyns'kyi, who assassinated the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera (of the Orhanizatsiia ukrains'kykh natsionalistiv, OUN) in 1959.  Stashyns'kyi was coerced by the KGB into killing Bandera after being arrested for riding on a bus without a ticket.  The flyers from L'vivelektrotrans read: 'Ne bud' skhozhym na byvtsiu Stepana Bandery!...  Velykyi zlochyn pochynaiet'sia z dribnoho pravoporushennia!' (Don't be like the murderer of Stepan Bandera!  A great crime begins with a small crime!')

Read more here (English) and here (Ukrainian).  Listen to the head of L'vivelektrotrans explain the flyer campaign here.

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